Andrew Xia Fukuda

author of Crossing

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“Crossing is a compelling, consuming story of a high school outsider and the ways in which prejudice and racism can completely change a person’s life . . . A mystery tale and a perceptive view into the life of a high school outcast, Crossing asks us to consider how we determine our opinions of people and why those opinions can be so entirely misleading. Fukuda’s Xing is a sympathetic character, one that will appeal to high school and adult readers alike, and Fukuda perfectly captures his voice and experience. The ending, at once disappointing, intriguing, and provocative, will spark passionate conversation in the English classroom or book club. Fukuda’s debut novel should not be missed.”

Red Room Library

“[Crossing has] a plot which will grab you, with surprises at the end that I never saw coming. It is an  incredible novel.”

Dolce Bellezza


“Fukuda has created a strong character in Xing and gets inside his head as he confronts his isolation, his feelings for his best friend and his suppressed talent . . . This is such a strong novel that tackles racism and self-identity and will leave you pondering the ending long after you put the book down.”

Lori Calabrese

“Its message is both true and heartbreaking—but I think it’s one that more people need to be aware of . . The author demonstrates an excellent knowledge of teenage interactions and dynamics, and his writing style has a nice, almost lyrical flow . . . Crossing is one of those books that has you thinking about it long after you’ve turned the last page.”

Mindful Musings

“There are some books that you stay up all night reading because you just have to know what happens. Then there are books that you stay up all night reading because you really don’t want to turn off the lights.* Crossing falls gracefully into both categories.”

Lucy was Robbed

“It captured me in a way few books do.”

The Daily Devourer

“The key to the book’s success lies, as always in a decent book, with a great protagonist. Xing’s character is particularly vibrant and interesting. His observations about the town’s prejudice are damning and spot on. But Xing’s real appeal lies in his ability to be an honest judge and he is equally critical of himself, which makes the misunderstandings in this story all the more poignant (and makes the ending just that much more haunting).”

Not Acting My Age


“[There’s] only one word to describe this stunning debut novel: Wow.”

– Many Ly, author of Roots and Wings, Winner of the 2009 Asian/Pacific American Award for Literature


“Crossing took me by surprise. I wanted to read it because of my Chinese heritage, and because of how the Virginia Tech incident affected me, but somehow I wasn’t expecting the book’s emotional depth. Furthermore, the mystery element made it a very compelling read, and certain passages struck me with their literary beauty.”

— Kristan Hoffman, Writing Dreams into Reality

“An amazing read.”

GAL Novelty

“An exceedingly well written tale that will keep you thinking long after you turn the last page.”

Bart’s Bookshelf


“Crossing is an amazing debut novel.  It blew me away . . . The most brilliant thing about Crossing was the writing . . . I can’t do it justice.  It was just beautiful.”

Katie’s Book Blog


“The first three words that come to mind: Brilliant, magnificent, and awesome.”

– Sharon Loves Books


“Andrew Xia Fukuda is a man with talent, and Crossing is a debut novel you will not want to miss.”

– Books at Midnight


“Complex and reverberating, Crossing pulls together several seemingly unrelated elements and weaves them together to create a complex and engaging tale. With intelligent writing, a unique main character and a “who done it” premise, Fukuda has put a memorable spin on both bullying and murder mysteries . . . The elements continue to pulse and shift until they finally come together for a very startling and gripping ending . . . It is one that takes a little while to fully sink in and will remain with the reader for days after. The full scope of things will astound the reader, rendering it astounding and brilliant.”

– A Good Addiction

“Fukuda’s writing is so detailed and beautiful that he is able to hit the reader with true emotion.”

– Tina’s Book Reviews


“Crossing is a mystifying and compelling read that will keep you guessing.”

– Black Teens Read Too


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