Andrew Xia Fukuda

author of Crossing

Date Title Author Publisher


August 23 2011 Bloodlines Richelle Mead Razorbill Female
August 23 2011 The Power of Six Pittacus Lore HarperCollins Female
August 23 2011 Sweetly Jackson Pearce Little, Brown Female
August 23 2011 Possess Gretchen Mcneil Balzer + Bray Female
August 23 2011 Nocturne Christine Johnson Simon Pulse Female
August 23 2011 Ambitious (Kimani Tru) Monica McKayhan Kimani Female
August 30 2011 Supernaturally Kiersten White HarperTeen Female
August 30 2011 The Fox Inheritance (The Jenna Fox Chronicles) Mary E. Pearson Henry Holt and Co. Male
August 30 2011 My Own Worst Frenemy (Chanti on the Case) Kimberly Reid Dafina Female
August 30 2011 The Gray Wolf Throne (A Seven Realms Novel) Cinda Williams Chima Hyperion Book CH Male
August 30 2011 Dust & Decay Jonathan Maberry Simon & Schuster Male
September 01 2011 Witch Song Amber Argyle Rhemalda Female
September 01 2011 Bronxwood Coe Booth Push Male
September 05 2011 Shut Out Kody Keplinger Poppy Female
September 05 2011 The Shattering Karen Healey Little, Brown Female
September 06 2011 Sweet Venom Tera Lynn Childs Katherine Tegen Female
September 06 2011 Vanish (Firelight) Sophie Jordan HarperCollins Female
September 06 2011 The Beginning of After Jennifer Castle HarperTeen Female
September 06 2011 The Hidden Jessica Verday Simon Pulse Female
September 06 2011 Following Christopher Creed Carol Plum-Ucci Harcourt Male
September 06 2011 Shelter: A Mickey Bolitar Novel Harlan Coben Putnam Juvenile Male
September 06 2011 Vengeance (Private) Kate Brian Simon & Schuster Female
September 08 2011 Skyship Academy: The Pearl Wars Nick James Flux Male
September 08 2011 Pure Red Danielle Joseph Flux Female
September 08 2011 Damage Anya Parrish Flux Female
September 08 2011 Witch Eyes Scott Tracey Flux Male
September 08 2011 Bloodborn (An Other Novel) Karen Kincy Flux Male
September 08 2011 Stay With Me Paul Griffin Dial ?
September 12 2011 Blood Wounds Susan Beth Pfeffer Harcourt Female
September 12 2011 Wisdom’s Kiss Catherine Murdock Houghton Mifflin Female
September 13 2011 Perfect Ellen Hopkins M. McElderry ?
September 13 2011 Fateful Claudia Gray HarperTeen Female
September 13 2011 Point Me to Tomorrow (Amigas) Veronica Chambers Hyperion Book CH Female
September 13 2011 After Obsession Carrie JonesSteven Wedel Bloomsbury USA ?
September 13 2011 You Against Me Jenny Downham David Fickling ?
September 13 2011 Burnout Adrienne Maria Vrettos M. McElderry Female
September 13 2011 Kill You Last Todd Strasser EgmontUSA Female
September 13 2011 Frost Marianna Baer Balzer + Bray Female
September 13 2011 Going Underground Susan Vaught Bloomsbury USA Male
September 13 2011 Drink, Slay, Love Sarah Beth Durst M. McElderry Female
September 13 2011 Every You, Every Me David Levithan Knopf Books Male
September 15 2011 As I Wake Elizabeth Scott Dutton Juvenile Female
September 15 2011 Away (The Line) Teri Hall Dial Female
September 19 2011 Pregnant Pause Han Nolan Harcourt Female
September 20 2011 First Kill (Slayer Chronicles) Heather Brewer Dial Male
September 20 2011 Beautiful Days (Bright Young Things) Anna Godbersen HarperCollins Female
September 20 2011 Cold Kiss Amy Garvey HarperTeen Female
September 20 2011 Dark of the Moon Tracy Barrett Harcourt Female
September 27 2011 A Monster Calls: Inspired by an idea from Siobhan Dowd Patrick Ness Candlewick Male
September 27 2011 My Beating Teenage Heart C. K. Kelly Martin Random House Female
September 27 2011 A Beautiful Dark Jocelyn Davies HarperTeen Female
September 27 2011 Daughter of Smoke and Bone Laini Taylor Little, Brown Female
September 27 2011 All These Things I’ve Done (Birthright) Gabrielle Zevin FSG Female
September 27 2011 Abarat: Absolute Midnight Clive Barker HarperCollins Female
September 29 2011 Lola and the Boy Next Door Stephanie Perkins Dutton Juvenile Female
September 29 2011 The Name of the Star Maureen Johnson Putnam Juvenile Female
October 03 2011 Gossip Girl, Psycho Killer Cecily von Ziegesar Poppy Female
October 03 2011 Bleeding Hearts (The Drake Chronicles) Alyxandra Harvey Bloomsbury Female
October 03 2011 Palace of the Damned (The Saga of Larten Crepsley) Darren Shan Little, Brown Male
October 03 2011 Everybody Sees the Ants A.S. King Little, Brown Male
October 04 2011 Variant Robison Wells HarperTeen Male
October 04 2011 Eve Anna Carey HarperCollins Female
October 04 2011 Silence Becca Fitzpatrick Simon & Schuster Female
October 04 2011 Carrier of the Mark Leigh Fallon HarperTeen Female
October 04 2011 Lost In Time (Blue Bloods) Melissa De La Cruz Hyperion Book CH Female
October 08 2011 Mercy Lily Lisa Albert Flux Female
October 10 2011 Bunheads Sophie Flack Poppy Female
October 11 2011 The Goblin War Hilari Bell HarperTeen ?
October 11 2011 Deadly Cool Gemma Halliday HarperTeen Female
October 11 2011 Devoted: An Elixir Novel Hilary Duff Simon & Schuster Female
October 11 2011 Frost Wendy Delsol Candlewick Female
October 11 2011 The Death Cure (Maze Runner Trilogy) James Dashner Delacorte Books Male
October 11 2011 Stick Andrew Smith Feiwel & Friends Male
October 11 2011 Tris and Izzie Mette Ivie Harrison EgmontUSA ?
October 13 2011 Audition Stasia Ward Kehoe Viking Juvenile Female
October 13 2011 Girls Don’t Fly Kristen Chandler Viking Juvenile Female
October 18 2011 How to Save a Life Sara Zarr Little, Brown Female
October 18 2011 Swear Nina Malkin Simon Pulse Female
October 18 2011 The Scorpio Races Maggie Stiefvater Scholastic Press ?
October 18 2011 Virtuosity Jessica Martinez Simon Pulse Female
October 18 2011 Maya’s Choice (Kimani Tru) Earl Sewell Kimani Female
October 25 2011 Between the Sea and Sky Jaclyn Dolamore Bloomsbury Female
October 25 2011 Destined (House of Night) P. C. CastKristin Cast St. Martin’s Griffin Female
October 25 2011 Nightshade (The Poison Diaires) Maryrose Wood Balzer + Bray Female
October 25 2011 Mastiff (Legend of Beka Cooper) Tamora Pierce Random House Female
October 25 2011 Au Revoir, Crazy European Chick Joe Schreiber Houghton Mifflin Male
October 25 2011 Crave (Harlequin Teen) Melissa Darnell Harlequin ?
October 25 2011 Phantom (The Vampire Diaries: The Hunters) L. J. Smith HarperTeen Female
October 25 2011 Caleb’s Wars David L. Dudley Clarion Books Male
October 25 2011 The Iron Knight (Harlequin Teen) Julie Kagawa Harlequin Male
November 01 2011 Crossed Ally Condie Dutton Juvenile Female
November 01 2011 Last Breath (Morganville Vampires) Rachel Caine NAL Hardcover Female
November 01 2011 Reckoning: A Strange Angels Novel Lili St. Crow Razorbill Female
November 01 2011 Playground Fifty Cent Razorbill Male
November 01 2011 Dark Eden Patrick Carman Katherine Tegen Male
November 07 2011 The Daughters Join the Party Joanna Philbin Poppy Female
November 08 2011 Faking Faith Josie Bloss Flux Female
November 08 2011 Inheritance (The Inheritance Cycle) Christopher Paolini Knopf Books Male
November 08 2011 Little Women and Me Lauren Baratz-Logsted Bloomsbury USA Female
November 15 2011 The Space Between Brenna Yovanoff Razorbill Female
November 15 2011 Wherever You Go Heather Davis Harcourt Female
November 15 2011 Outlaw Stephen Davies Clarion Books Male
November 15 2011 Also Known as Rowan Pohi Ralph Fletcher Clarion Books Male
November 15 2011 Shatter Me Tahereh Mafi HarperTeen Female
November 21 2011 The Future of Us Carolyn Mackler and Jay Asher Razorbill ?
November 29 2011 Legend Marie Lu Putnam Juvenile M/F
December 05 2011 Winter Town Stephen Emond Little, Brown Male
December 06 2011 Clockwork Prince (Infernal Devices) Cassandra Clare M. McElderry Female
December 06 2011 Deadly Little Voices (A Touch Novel) Laurie Faria Stolarz Hyperion Book CH Female
December 06 2011 Ruthless (Pretty Little Liars) Sara Shepard HarperTeen Female
December 08 2011 The Probability of Miracles Wendy Wunder Razorbill Female
December 08 2011 Illuminated Erica Orloff Speak Female
December 08 2011 Shattered Souls Mary Lindsey Philomel Female
December 20 2011 Flyaway Helen Landalf Harcourt Female
December 27 2011 Why We Broke Up Daniel Handler Little, Brown ?

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I have a new home

After more than 2 years on this DIY website, I’m happy to report that I have a new website, this one decidedly not a DIY. I’ll be closing down this site soon.

My new website is:

Hope to see you there!


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The goal is not to get to the finish line.

Writing a book is long journey, one rife with all kinds of obstacles and hurdles. Plot, thematic coherence, characterization, dialogue, etc. – any one of these can become the barrier that proves insurmountable, pushing that manuscript into the forgotten recesses of your computer’s hard drive. Every author I’ve spoken with has encountered at least one significant hurdle in the writing of a novel, and each has had to deal with it. These can be considerable setbacks, sometimes lasting several months as the author wrestles with the hurdle. But this is the point – the author wrestles and deals with it, refusing to simply quick-fix the problem with a roughshod job, because (s)he knows the novel will be all the better for their efforts. It’s what transforms a mediocre novel into an unforgettable one.

Of course, you can just ignore the problem points and rush to the end, impatient to finally type THE END. Trouble is, if you don’t fix the problems, if you just bludgeon your way past and through the hurdles, you may get to the finishing line, but you have not exactly won the race. See the hurdler in video below.

When my agent, Catherine Drayton, told me that there were some “hurdles” that had to be dealt with before submitting to the publishing houses, I wanted to pull my hair out. When I realized that these were not quick fixes but would require a bit of actual thought, creativity, and work, I wanted to pull my teeth out. Then I wanted to pull her teeth out. What I wanted was for her to submit the manuscript yesterday, already.

I’m so glad she didn’t. Catherine was so spot-on in her critique. It took work – hard, bruising work – but it ultimately made the novel that much better. It was a good reminder that the point is not simply to write a novel, blazing through all the hurdles, but to take the time and effort to write an AWESOME one. And that means playing by the rules, putting the time in.

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How my writer’s block saved a cat

This morning, I was suffering from a bad case of writer’s block. I did what I usually do when the writing doesn’t flow: I drove to a nature preserve and put on my running shoes. Running has this way of unclogging my brain, something Nathan Bransford (whose excellent Wonderbar novel launched this week) (yes, that was a shameless piece of product placement) has also found effective.

Anyway, after my run, just as I was about to get into my car, I heard a meowing. I was in a desolate parking lot in the middle of nowhere, so my curiosity was piqued. I looked down, and this is what I found:

I’m not a cat person – I’m firmly Team Dog – but something about this cat broke me inside. It was famished, thirsty, and frail. When I patted it, it was sticks & bones. But clearly domesticated – it didn’t have a feral bone in it. I poured it some water and it lapped it up. Finished a whole bottle, in fact. It kept meowing, clearly hungry. And it was starving for affection – it kept trying to rub its body on my leg. And then it crawled under my car, coming out only when it wanted to rub its body on my leg again.

(its eyes are focused on my leg it wanted to rub against. again.)

I couldn’t leave it, so I called the animal shelter. They were great – they got there within minutes. The staff lady calmly put it into a box, then into the van. She told me a cat owner had called about a week ago, frantic about a cat she’d lost at that very nature preserve. Hopefully, this is the same cat, and there’s a happy ending to this story. I’m going to call the shelter next week and make sure this cat found its owner. If not, I might just head down to the shelter myself and adopt the cat. It did a number on me, it did.

Anyway, this just goes to show that writer’s block isn’t always a terrible thing.

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Soba Ni Iru Ne by Thelma Aoyama

I might make this a regular feature on this blog: a weekly peek into Asian culture (music, movies, books). I’ll keep it to one video (or movie scene/excerpt) a week, featuring an aspect of Asian culture that the western hemisphere is missing out on.

This week, I’m featuring a song, Soba Ni Iru Ne by Thelma Aoyama.  In my mind, it’s an instant Top Ten song simply begging to be translated and brought over here. Beyonce (featuring Usher) would rock this song.

Not that Thelma Aoyoma is any kind of slouch, either. She grooves, silky smooth. Part Afro-Trinidadian and part Japanese, Thelma brings so much nuance and depth to this song.

Also, there’s a companion song Koko ni iru yo. Same song with a heavier emphasis on the soft rap male part. Nice video, though not quite as good a song, in my estimation. Those of you who speak Japanese must love the ne and yo ending of both song titles.

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Long Island Library Conference and more recognition from Booklist!

Had a great time at the Long Island Library Conference this morning where I was the keynote speaker. You couldn’t have asked for a better audience – about 700 book-lovers otherwise known as librarians. They kindly laughed at my jokes and kept the egg-throwing and hissing to a minimum. It was a blast.

Afterward, when I’d gotten into my car and checked my email, my editor informed me of another distinction from Booklist! Crossing was chosen as a Top Ten First Crime Novel! I think the coolest thing about this distinction is being lumped in with Paul McEuen for his novel, Spiral. I just finished reading it and it was tres awesome. It certainly helped that McEuen – a Cornell professor – gave lots of detailed description about Ithaca in general and the Cornell campus in particular. It was, as the Japanese say, natsukashi.

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I’m determined to be a better social networker.  Part of me is intimidated by this whole world, partly because I feel so late to the party, and partly because I’m not sure I have quite the “voice” for it.  Also, I hate the sense that I’m being nothing more than a used car salesman up to one of his gimmicky tricks, or a politician vainly trying to disguise self-promotion.  All the above . . . eeck.

But I’m going to plunge into this anyway and I’ll be using the Roecker sisters and Nathan Bransford as role models.

  • The Roecker sisters: I really like the light and amusing feel of the Lisa and Laura Roecker’s blog.  It’s funny, informative, and just this side of educational.  I’ve already committed to memory their blogging manifesto.
  • Nathan Bransford: he said somewhere (a tweet, a blog post?) that the purpose of social networking isn’t to promote or self-promote or accrue a fan base or look impressive, but . . . (drum roll) to be social.  Ahh…the light switches on…

So having said that, let’s get a move on.  I will now be more social by . . .

Talking about Beth Revis’ Across the Universe.

Or more specifically, about the cover.

Although I’ve heard great things about the book, I’ve resisted buying it for the silliest of reasons.  The cover.  Actually, it’s not even the cover.  It’s what I thought was on the cover.  My problem is that I’ve only seen the cover in thumbprint size on blogs and whatnot. And for whatever reason, it looked to me like a really odd image: two pink amoeba, facing each other, one on the right, the other on the left, kissing each other with puckering snouts. It just looked freaky. And once that image became impressed into my mind, it became difficult to dislodge.  Like the old hag/pretty young woman illusion – once you see the old hag, the pretty lady vanishes. And every time I saw the Across the Universe cover,  all I could see were the two pink amoeba with snouts, puckering each other in a kiss.  You tell me you don’t see the kissing pink amoeba:

Only yesterday, at the library, I finally saw the hardcover. And boy, was I wrong. The cover, actually, is not bad at all.  And I was way off. Because it’s not two pink amoeba on the cover.  In fact, there’s no amoeba at all. Just a really cool picture of a young-looking William Shatner.


I was a fool to misjudge the cover so badly.

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Bologna Children’s Book Fair

A formidable team from Inkwell (including my awesome agent, Catherine Drayton) just finished up four days at the Bologna Children’s Book Fair pitching a number of books, including The Hunt, to foreign publishers.  I received some good news from the team last night – there are quite a number of foreign deals in the making, with publishers in several countries bidding for the rights to the book.  Pretty exciting.  I can’t say much about them (yet) because nothing is final yet, but one deal that is final and which I’m ecstatic about is the signing with Simon & Schuster UK (press release here).  It’s an incredible publishing house and I’m honored to be on their list.

The deal also created significant buzz at the Fair over The Hunt (here, here, and here) and I’m glad to be getting this early attention.  Can’t let it sidetrack me, though, from the nitty-gritty task at hand: working on revisions. Any moment now, my doorbell is going to ring.  They’ll be a package there, with edited manuscript and editorial letter.  Excited to read them, but, truth be told, with a little trepidation as well.

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Announcing the sale of my trilogy!





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Shanghai Literary Festival

Just got back a few days ago from a trip to Shanghai where I participated in the Shanghai International Literary Festival.  I co-presented a session with Craig Silvey, a true artist and all-round good guy.  His novel, Jasper Jones, has garnered gobs of recognition in Australia; Knopf bought the North American rights and it’s going to be released here in a few weeks.  Do yourself a favor and read this book.

During our co-presentation, it was great to chat with him.  Us writers can recognize that something in one another: an enthusiasm about the craft, a respect for the art, how writing can be such a blessing (but also a curse at times).  You can listen to our presentation here.

Craig and I also share something else in common – the same agent, Catherine Drayton!  It’s a small world, after all.  Craig and I could not stop talking about Catherine, about what an uber agent she is.

Last, check out this TimeOut Shanghai story on me and a great review of Silvey’s novel here.

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